Here is a list of some of my favored links, listed in order of entry. If you think of others, please drop me a note – [email protected]

Well, duh…

Publishing my stuff for over 37 years now

Look closely and you might find something I wrote.

My friend and critic Dick Olsher, who inspired the FW name

Martin J King’s terrific loudspeaker design site

I buy stuff from these guys all the time, too

Great huge database of semiconductor data in pdf files

The articles you can see on this site and then some

Pretty much sees the world the way I do.

Where the sky is a different color 🙂

Siegfried is the man

In case you haven’t noticed, I like full-range drivers

More parts and stuff to buy

Electronic Parts distributor

My favorite web site. You can find me in the Pass Labs forum.

The title says it all 🙂

My good buddy Jon Ver Halen (“Mr. Fullrange”)

If you are interested in tube design

I buy stuff from these guys all the time

Ed might be crazy. Then again, maybe not.

Jerry Colliano’s site about the Real World of Audio